An Intergalactic Adventure, An Interdimensional Joyride…

Join Us … On a journey through space, time and doorways to worlds of NFTs. The Omniverse represents every planet in every galaxy, every moment in any dimension…


All recorded onto the blockchain in NFT form, a world where we can meet, a community that we can grow and develop, while having good conversations and some gaming fun.


A world where everyone and everything has value. A collection and journey that doesn’t only have intrinsic value, but provides value to the Omninauts. A Place where growth and development never stops, where interaction and community are rewarded.

Order of Other is currently a community based NFT Collectible game on Discord that includes questing for rare items, Lore Seeking for clues and also includes a community DiceDueling contest where you can win special items, epic cards and OmniTokens.




The game is currently in R&D for transforming into a platformer game with far more features, bonuses and exciting expansions.



The Five Orders that are old beyond history consist of



Available on and

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Other collectible and rare Items

Community members that actively contribute to the project are often rewarded with rare or special items. Some examples are shown below. These can also be awarded for ad-hoc quests in the Discord Server.